Once upon a time there lived one nerd. His dream was to write an open source tool that he will eventually put on GitHub and all the world with use it.

This is how I should start this article, but — no

Indeed I wanted to write a tool that will be useful for developers across the world, something that we all can use on daily bases. But I had fearsFears that people might not like it. Fears about the code. What others will say? Fears about this goal even…

After the presentation of SwiftUI framework in 2019 I…

Hi there,

We all do love automation but still we do a lot of manual work during our development… Can we improve? YES! XcodeProjects is a system MacOS app that is built just for that!

  1. Automate your bash commands
    Do you have any bash commands that you run for your iOS project quit often?
    I do use cocoapods for mine projects (yes, i know, SPM is our future — but give me some time :) ) and pod install with pod deintegrate are mine best friends in the terminal. …

Well, I’ve read so far a lot of stories about how quickly test localization with SwiftUI Previews (here, here and here). Works great!

import SwiftUIstruct ContentView: View {var body: some View {
struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {static var previews: some View {
ForEach(Locale.all, id: \.identifier) { locale in
.environment(\.locale, locale)
.previewDisplayName(Locale.current.localizedString(forIdentifier: locale.identifier))
extension Locale {
static let all = Bundle.main.localizations
.filter { $0.identifier != "base" }
Preview of localization with SwiftUI Previews

But lets go deeper…

So far it works great with simple localization keys. But how is it going with plurals localization?

(image by Apple Inc.)


Hi there. I want to tell you about my light tool that saved me a lot of time during the development process. 🏃‍♀️ 🚄


Due to our structure of all our modules that we use at work (18 different frameworks stored as pods) I need to call “pod install” and “pod update” way to often… Also during development of the apps I have to switch between my frameworks and app. If I need to switch between branches in the framework then again I need to perform “pod install”. It takes time… so I spend a lot of time on

Dmitriy Kalachniuk

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