4 iOS tips to speed up development with XcodeProjects

Hi there,

We all do love automation but still we do a lot of manual work during our development… Can we improve? YES! XcodeProjects is a system MacOS app that is built just for that!

  1. Automate your bash commands
    Do you have any bash commands that you run for your iOS project quit often?
    I do use cocoapods for mine projects (yes, i know, SPM is our future — but give me some time :) ) and pod install with pod deintegrate are mine best friends in the terminal.
    In XcodeProjects you have predefined commands to execute them in the terminal for you

Just click needed command in the menu and that one will be executed in the terminal for the particular project.

2. Do not clear all derived data — do it only for particular project.
Is it familiar to you when something is wrong in the project and on stackoverflow they advice you to clear derived data folder to fix it?

The long way:
find derived data folder by pressing
Xcode -> Settings-> Locations-> little arrow next to derived data folder. Remove the folder in the Finder

The quick way:
Click preferences button in XcodeProjects app.
and click Clear Xcode derived data option

But, almost in all cases you do not need to remove the whole folder and only particular project’s derived data. What then?

Again, long way from above + find needed folder and remove only it.
The quick way will be:

Just choose needed project from the list and click Clear derived data option. That is it!

3. Open quickly your Xcode project.

At my work I have a lot of projects and sometimes I need to open other project to check some code for mine collega. If Xcode->File->Open recent menu doesn’t contain needed project — bad luck. You need to find it in a finder and then open Xcode project.

With XcodeProjects this is super easy

use search textfield to find your project and click arrows button to open Xcode project(by default it will search for workspace. If it exists then workspace will be opened)

4. Automate your bash aliases

Do you have specific scripts that you run for your Xcode project? Do you have alias for it in bash profile file?

Do not write aliases in the terminal! You can add custom command in XcodeProjects app

Click add custom command. Then enter your alias in the textfield. Then your command will appear for each project


The best tool is the tool written by you. XcodeProjects is an open-source project that was built to learn SwiftUI and turned out as a great time saver during the development. Feel free to contribute to this tool and probably save even more development time!

Thank you

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